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Why Join :  


1.    BetterBreeders is designed by  Breeder/ Exhibitors with decades of experience  to be a fair, and secure way, to set 

responsible Breeders apart from those who would not qualify.  A way for superior Breeders to save money on advertising, 

a way for superior Breeders to save time when shopping for show/breeding animals, and a way for customer complaints to

be mediated so that they are resolved with out Breeders being flamed online, or worse. A way to weed out criminals. 


2.    Showing the world your numbered  " Proud to be a  Member "  LOGO on your website, assures the public 

that they can find your name, on our list as an approved Breeder or Trainer etc.  They can relax knowing that a third party has your full 

address, your phone numbers,  your vet reference, and would remove you from the list if substantial unresolved 

complaints were verified against you.  Potential customers will have confidence in dealing with you, just because you are 

a member in good standing.  You can relax, knowing that if you choose to keep your address private, and not put it on 

the internet, for your own home security, that your potential customers know you aren`t hiding, that we have your 

address, you are just trying to avoid becoming the victim of a crime, like having your animals stolen. 


3.   Your  $ 100. one time membership fee will also give you the ability to list your animals for sale and your studs for services , 

for FREE year around. The fee is really for checking your references, adding you to our lists, and for a lifetime service of complaint resolution.  You will also be able to list your other services such as training, show handling, boarding etc. Free. You

will also be able to list your show to breeding quality animals, with full registration, full breeding and full show rights, for sale

to other BetterBreeders Members in good standing on our  site/page You can also list trades wanted or offered for the same low price.  You can buy, or trade,  with  members in full confidence knowing they are members in good standing of  and they want to give you a fair deal. That you are offered full breeding / show rights and full applicable registration. All registries are accepted, and the specific registration offered will be listed.  


4.  All animals listed as available on are listed by the seller as show quality, showable quality, or at 

least breeding quality.  Breeding quality is a relative term; so for instance, a German Shepherd dog that is one inch too 

tall to succeed in the show ring, can still be OFA  Excellent in the Hips, and have an ideal temperament, and the " Look 

of Eagles, difficult to define but unmistakable when present .  This dog could be an excellent breeding prospect, and a 

proven great producer, but not show quality.  That gives you an idea of a dog that is much more than pet quality, since 

he could easily be bred to a bitch that would tend to bring the size into the standard if the breeder was trying for show 

prospects. The website is designed to save Breeders time and money , when buying or selling 

quality animals, or looking for a sire service.   Why spend months searching websites just to be told, yes this animal is 

wonderful but we have a spay and neuter only clause in our contract.  Why should we feel like we have to apologise for 

wanting to sell or trade adult breeding animals, to get outside bloodlines, or make room to keep what we have produced. 

 Good Breeders know that responsible breeding is a quest, best shared with other responsible Breeders.  Great Breeders also 

know that finding quality show and breeding stock, and convincing the seller you deserve to own it, is a huge time suck. 


5.  When you are a verified member of, you know that unfair complaints, fraudulent, or bogus 

complaints will be uncovered. We know that every complaint is not fair or valid, and we want to protect Breeders who treat 

their customers and animals well, just as much as we want to protect the public and our buying members, from bad 

breeders.  Buyers have been known to injure an animal then try to get a refund. Our team knows that, we`ve been 

around, we've seen a lot.  BetterBreeders will insist that everyone is treated fairly.   will give true 

complaints a chance to be forwarded to the Breeder for a response, and if the Breeder says the complaint is invalid, or 

the  "client" is an imposter, then proof will be required to corroborate a complaint.  If the complaint is valid and resolved, 

then the Breeder remains in good standing.  If a Breeder has substantial unresolved complaints, with proof from the 

customers, then the Breeder will be suspended or excluded at our discretion. This keeps Breeders accountable which is

something all good Breeders want.  This is just the first time that a forum has been developed to do so.   


6. Pet buyers will discover  and seek to buy quality animals, from BetterBreeders, that they 

know are offered out to discriminating Breeder buyers as high quality, just as pets.  They will be able to contact the Breeder

and at that point the Breeder can choose if they want to hold their stock for a show/breeding home. Buyers appreciate the extra security of knowing the sellers are members in good standing, and that the animals for sale, would be of 

quality offered to Breeders without embarrassment. will soon be known as the place to buy and 

sell and be treated fairly and given accurate information. We recommend only selling your best to members. 


7. will also collect and list tips that will save Breeders money and time and heartache. Our goal is to 

make the Breeding experience more fun, less expensive, and easier for everyone involved.